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Friends of the Academy

Any parent or carer of a child who dances with the Matthews Academy is a member of the 'Friends of Matthews Academy'. The group started as a way of bringing together parents, teachers and others to raise money to support the Academy.

It is an opportunity for everyone to work together towards our common aims which are to support, encourage and assist all members of the Academy, financially and in any other way we can, to enable all our dancers to achieve their personal best, as an individual or as a member of a team.

Everyone can get involved - even if they only have a small amount of time to give. The Academy will benefit from the funds that we all raise and from the opportunity for parents to become more involved and help out at events when possible, even if it is difficult to attend meetings.

Meetings are held throughout the year, they are very informal and everyone is welcome to attend. We brainstorm fundraising ideas; organise the parent helper's rota for class feisanna and the Open Coventry Celtic Championships. We arrange and organise social events for parents and children such as the Christmas party.

If anyone has any fundraising ideas please do not hesitate to let someone know. Funds raised are used in a variety of ways to support our dancers, such as contributing towards new figure costumes, grants for dancers representing the school at Major Championships such as the World Championships, team entry fees at Qualifying competitions.

The Friends of Matthews Irish Dance Academy is proud to play an active supportive role in the life of our school.

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