Matthews Irish Dancing Academy

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Scanlon Feis

5th - 6th March 2016

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McGahan Lees Feis

12th - 13th March 2016

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Oireachtas Rince Na Cruinne

20th - 27th March 2016

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Finbarr Conway Feis

23rd - 24th April 2016

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John Flannigan Memorial Feis

21st - 22nd May 2016

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Hertfordshire Championships

4th - 5th June 2016

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Deegan Academy Feis

16th - 17th July 2016

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Glendarragh Feis

1st - 2nd October 2016

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Great Britain Championships

14th - 17th October 2016

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Oireachtas Rince Na Breataine

25th - 27th November 2016

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