Matthews Irish Dancing Academy

Competing at your First Feis

When your child is ready to compete your teacher will advise you .If you would like your child to attend feiseanna, there are some basics you will need to know.

What will they wear?
For their first and subsequent few competitions your child can wear their class uniform or class costume. If the school does not have these then a simple dress or skirt and blouse can be worn for girls.

What will they need?
Your children will need polished dance shoes, clean white poodle socks, pins for their number and a notebook for tracking results/progression. They will also need hairclips, band and hairspray if a girl.

What will happen?
When you attend a feis you will register and collect your child’s number. You will then proceed to the hall where your competition will be held.

The stage hands will call the dancers up to the stage and your child will perform in front of a qualified adjudicator. Once the competition is complete the results will be given.